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How many times can I claim the discounts and benefits?

You can use all discounts and benefits without limit - even several times a day at the same partner.

Can I book the activities on the Loco Life App?

We are not a booking platform, but you can call our partners via the
phone icon in our app and make a direct reservation. You don't have to
pay a deposit - great, right?

Which clubs are included?

As we sometimes have a changing programme each week, it's recommended that you download the app for free and see what free entries are available during your holiday period before purchasing your Loco Pass on the website.

How do I get the discount?

When paying, simply click on "Check In" in the app and your Loco Pass will open. Show your Loco Pass to the staff member and he or she will remove the discount from your bill.

Does the discount apply to my friends as well?

No, the discounts and offers only apply to Loco Pass holders.

How do the free club entries work?

For some events it is enough to show your Loco Pass at the door - in this case, there is a blue button "Show Loco Pass" in the event description. Other clubs want to have a guest list in advance, so for these events, you have to put your name on the guest list - instead of "Show Loco Pass" it says "Join the guestlist".

  • Entry period

    This icon shows you the time period you need to be at the club to get the free club entry or special offer. Make sure you are at the club on time, because sometimes you have to wait in line.

  • Gift

    The gift icon indicates that this partner has a gift for you, e.g. a welcome drink.

  • Discount

    The discount icon indicates that this partner gives you a discount, e.g. 20% on the invoice.

  • The "guest list" tag in the event list indicates that you must put your name on the guest list before a specific time. The specific time is displayed in the event view.

  • The "free entry" tag in the event list indicates that you can enter the club for free (if you have a valid Loco Pass).

  • The "discount" tag in the event list indicates that you get a discount for this event.

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